Tuesday, September 11, 2012


For the past couple months, something happened between perfume and I. I am not talking about the two month heat wave, Chanel no. 19 EDP or nothing lasting on skin because I pretty much beat that to death. I'm talking about not wanting to really try anything new or get anything new. Probably due to the issue of I had bought so many decants these past few months and may have tried only 4 or 5 of them or I'm just a little burnt out right now. The last scent that really knocked me off my socks was Deneuve in extract form. I love Deneuve and wish someone would bring it back but if someone did, it probably would be a shadow of it's former self. At this point, I am wondering if the uncertainty from my job is creating this not being motivated. Naturally, it doesn't help either that a friend of mine has become critical of my perfume choices. I mean super critical for some reason. Just like I was wearing Mitsouko and tells me that I smell like I have not showered in a few days. I've known him for years and until a couple of weeks ago, there were no comments. I retaliated by letting him know if he wanted to criticize my perfume, I could harp on his lotto tickets. Shut him up real quick and this is the same friend who uses me as a sounding board and a nose for his mom's Christmas gift.

I am a little bummed out that after accidentally knocking over my makeup bag of decants onto my bed, I lost a 2ml of Sarrasins. Let's just say that Sarrasins doesn't mix too well with wearing Mitsouko and luckily I have some back up decants (I adore the skankiness of Sarrasins). Even washing my hands doesn't completely make it disappear. Let's just say it has stained one of the sheets of my bed but now my sheets smell really nice.


  1. Hello! You're the second person recently to mention the beauty of Deneuve. But I'm not even going to try to find it-I have way too many samples to delve into-but am happy you have it to cherish!

    1. I think that you should at least try it.