Friday, September 28, 2012

Dior Diorissimo EDT Review

I've probably have got to be the oddest perfume nut. I have this huge, and I do mean huge pile of decants of various sizes that I haven't tried and reviewed and yet I keep getting more. How can I refuse 15%-20% off decants sales of Surrender to Chance's daily specials? After spending a small fortune on a carpet steam cleaner and spending a lot less than I thought in Cincinnati, I was able to get more than one small decant but Diorissimo was a decant that has been sitting in my enormous pile of decants that I have finally gotten around to trying and reviewing.

Diorissimo normally sold in EDT form but now I am seeing it in EDP form. Since both Surrender to Chance and The Perfumed Court only carry it in EDT form (I can't say if they won't ever have) that is what was available to me within my price range when I ordered a larger decant. The decant I have is not the current 2012 formulation but probably the one before that. I wouldn't call it vintage because my definition of vintage is before 1990.

For a while, Diorissimo smelled very familiar but I could not place it. It seemed like I had smelled this before and then I realized that it smelled a lot like the Easter lily that my parents always seem to get a couple days before Easter. My mother hates Easter lilies because it makes her sneeze and she is just not wild over the scent. Diorissimo does have a slight soapy feel but it adds to the overall feeling of the EDT without taking anything away. Diorissimo does have a slight green note that is kind of nice but I am not wild about for some reason. I really do like the EDT version but it doesn't last very long on skin. It lasts a little longer on skin and clothes than Diorling did. I might have to splurge, unsniffed, on a full bottle of Diorissimo EDP to get any king of lasting power.


  1. oh dear, we are all in that boat - too many samples unsniffed, not enough time, yet somehow we manage to acquire more.

    There have been only two Diors I have tested - my beloved Hypnotic Poison, and Dune. From what I have sniffed at department stores, the line generally doesn't pull me in. But perhaps it's just a shield against more samples! ;)

  2. I'm still have two more of the 'classic' Dior's to try (Miss Dior and Diorella) but Dior hasn't really pulled me in either.