Saturday, October 6, 2012

Changing of the Seasons

Fall is probably my favorite seasons. It's cooling off, people are starting to use their fireplaces, leaves are turning, and anything pumpkin or apple is big. Apple cider, pumpkin pie, apple crisp. But fall can be a little odd. Because unlike winter, where it stays cold, I get two days straight of it being 85 degrees out then it's 55 degrees for two or three days and everything else in between.

This is also the time of year that it is harder for me to decide on what perfume to wear. Especially on days I have to work. One of my little rules is that I don't wear anything in my not worn and reviewed pile. I don't always know if something is a scrubber or smells like I have just been bedded by some random guy and didn't bother to take a shower before work. Today of all days, I cannot decide if I should wear the current formulation of Mitsouko in EDP form or Amouage Dia. At first, Mitsouko wasn't a great love but she creeps up on you. Dia is one of those perfumes that are very 'perfumey' but I love, no, adore the really expensive rose/jasmine soap dry down. But I am leaning more to Mitsouko because I am in more of the 'I am not interested in what you think, I need a decision out of you now. Not in 5 minutes.' type of mode.

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