Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Serge Lutens Rose de Nuit

This is just ridiculous that I have a bag filled with 40 decants that I have not reviewed yet. So, it's time for me to review stuff this week. That's if the power holds up through Hurricane Sandy. Since Sunday was pretty much the day I decided to do the Fragrance Frankenstein Challenge from Perfume Posse. Let's just say it was a cross of hilarious and a little horrifying. It was Serge Lutens Arabie, CK Obsession, with a healthy dose of Sarrasins.

I had gotten a sampler set of Serge Lutens non-exports a couple months ago and dug it out for a test run. I'm always a little bit hesitant of trying any of Serge Lutens scents. They are either exports, too much spice cabinet, or it gets a little too soapy or powdery. Rose de Nuit is somewhat of an odd perfume for me. It's odd because I get many other perfumes that are close to Rose de Nuit but not quite. The rose is a dominant note but it's not the musky, powdery rose of Fleurs de Bulgarie (Creed) it is more like the sharp, clear rose of Chanel no.19. About 5 minutes after the rose dies down a little bit, I get the familiar chypre category (little bit like Diorling and Deneuve) then come a fruit note. Normally, I abhor a strong or noticeable fruit note because I don't enjoy smelling like a overripe fruit salad or rotted fruit. This time, I'm not sure if I like it or not but it does take away from Rose de Nuit. In the dry down, is what I did not enjoy. The dry down smelled like a very old rose soap along with fruit. Would I go to Paris or find a connection to get this? Only if the soap and fruit wasn't a part of Rose de Nuit.

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