Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bath Stuff, Amazon, Shipping

Ever since I became a perfume freak, I was a bath stuff person. I was the type that easily spent $75 or more every two weeks at Bath and Body Works. I adored getting the body wash, matching lotion and the body sprays with the periodic candle. At first, I was in high school and that was what most girls were wearing at the time. Then, I was in college with not a lot of money to spare, so I mainly went without scented bath products. After college, I had some spending money but kind of fell away from Bath and Body Works and was more interested in perfume gift sets. The Vera Wang gift sets, in the beginning where what I was wearing, I don't know, 3 or 4 years ago. After a while, I became really bored with Vera Wang's Sheer Veil and her signature scent. Then it was Chanel's Cuir de Russie and it was all over. I went into wearing one or two perfumes for months on end with the periodic break on wearing something else to wearing a different perfume every day.

On Wednesday, I was inadvertently reminded of my nephew's birthday that is coming up real soon. I had forgotten about it and had to ask my sister what he had or didn't have or really wanted. She sent me a link for what he wanted real bad. She said that she could find it in any brick and mortar store and since I seem to be the queen of online shopping and online bargains in her eyes, she was sure that I would be able to track it down. And not pay a huge fortune on it. My first stop is always Amazon and I managed to find the Avengers action figure that he wanted and the price was pretty good. What made it even better for me was a month long free trial of Amazon Prime. For those who don't know, Amazon Prime for $80 a year, one can get free two day shipping. I was going to make sure my 2 year old nephew (going to be three) will have it and he will love me forever. And I can exploit this (free shipping) for my Galileo thermometer collection. Hey, I don't have a 9 inch thermometer in my collection yet, just 17 to 24 inches.

After throwing out tons of ratty shirts and bras, I had to do a little clothes shopping. First of all, I love Gap's essential shirts and more often than not, they have some kind of sale going on. I am not going to pass up 25% or 30% off when I just threw out 20 really ratty shirts. Naturally, I didn't order 20 shirts in one sitting, I ordered 5 and manage to score free shipping be cause I spent $50. What I like about Gap and their shipping, they are not so outrageous with the standard shipping. Victoria's Secret is a whole different matter though. I paid almost $11 shipping on 1 bra. That is just not cool to be all over the place with shipping. They never used to be so horrific with shipping. Looks like a brick and mortar store from now on for me.

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