Thursday, October 11, 2012

Apple Shuffle 2G, Fourth Generation

I'm a little bit weary of blogging about perfume and it's time to take a short break from it. A few posts back, I posted about traveling with perfume but was thinking about a new iPod. It was not really to replace my iPod Classic but to buy a little more time before I have to replace the battery on my Classic. I've had my iPod Classic for about 3 years now and finally the battery is dying. And during my little weekend trip, I was not about to keep charging the thing after 15 or 20 minutes of use. And I didn't feel comfortable carrying around a $250 iPod with me in the city. So the iPod Shuffle was the way to go for me. And the price on Amazon was right.

After being used to 160 gigs of space, it was difficult on trying to fit what I wanted on the Shuffle with only 2 gigs of space. After filling my Shuffle almost to the max, I have a little over 200 songs on it. What's great is that I can keep changing the songs. One feature that I have discovered is the voice over. Voice Over is a little button that one presses to hear the song title and the artist. For some reason, I am tickled over it.

When Apple started making iPods, your choice of colors were either black or silver. Now, there are many colors to chose from. I liked the look of the green Shuffle and it was a bright color and something I could easily find in my purse. Having all kinds of different colors to chose from is a nice feature but not a very important one to me. The earphones that come with the Shuffle are utter crap in my point of view but finding a better set of earphones, cheaply, are easy to find. For the price that one pays for what one is getting, this is a good deal.

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