Saturday, October 20, 2012

Patou Joy EDP Review

Finally, I've been motivated to test out a new perfume. It was somewhat of a choice on to which to test out. Either Patou Joy or Donna Karan's Jasmine and Joy won out. The last two perfumes that were instant love was Deneuve and Amouage Lyric and Joy comes close. Joy is a classic perfume that was created during the Great Depression and was marketed as the most expensive perfume.

When I first apply Joy, I get a huge blast of bright rose, similar to Chanel no. 19 EDP, then it's a mildly skanky jasmine. During the wearing, the rose and jasmine alternate is being dominant notes and I do like that. I like rose and love a skanky jasmine but what trips me up in any perfume is tuberose. The tuberose periodically peeks out under the jasmine or the rose. The tuberose is not overly creamy and is not overwhelming to me. It's just a little hint once in a while. Lasting power and sillage is about average for Joy.

Would I get a bottle? It's debatable but large decant worthy.

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