Monday, October 8, 2012

Amouage Gold EDP Review

Quite a while back, I had drained a small spray decant of Amouage Gold Cristal (EDT) for women and then preceded to drain a small sample of Amouage Gold in EDP form.After a while, I did forget about Amouage Gold and then couldn't remember why it was on my full bottle buy list. Then I managed to find a 3ml manufacturer's sample on Surrender to Chance (those Amouage carded sample goes really fast). Then my memory was refreshed on why it is on my full bottle list.

Amouage Gold for women is almost identical to Dia for women but I can tell the difference between the two. Gold does not have the astringent like blast of aldehydes that Dia has. I find that Gold does have a little more heft than Dia but ultimately, Gold is the same scent as Dia. The dry down is like a very expensive jasmine/rose soap. Like all of Amouage perfumes, Gold lasts forever on skin.

What I don't get is that Gold is described as being for evening wear and Dia is for daytime wear. I find that I can wear Gold during daylight hours. Even though Gold is on my buy list, it has moved down a bit because I already own Dia but still want a full bottle.

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