Monday, October 15, 2012

Guerlain Mitsouko EDP Retried

It's kind of funny on how for certain perfumes that I have dismissed as nothing special or really didn't "get it". Especially when it comes to classics. In the past couple months, I think that I finally understand Mitsouko. I now adore Mitsouko in EDP form. At first, I was put off with the peach note. In the beginning, I thought that the peach was a little too in your face. After giving it a few more tries, the peach is front and center until about half way through the entire wearing. Mitsouko is a perfect fall scent in my eyes. It has cooled down, the leaves are changing, there is that certain fall smell that compliments Mitsouko especially when there is a bond fire going. In the dry down, the rose and jasmine become more apparent and I really love the dry down. I have a small decant of the vintage EDT but have not gotten around to trying it, so this is of the most current formulation. But now, I cannot really think of wearing any other scent right now.

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