Tuesday, June 25, 2013

If Something Where to Happen...

I adore online shopping for a lot of reasons but sometimes I do hate it. Having 3 Labrador Retrievers that eat twice a day, I go through a lot of dog food and a quality dog food can be expensive. My local pet store has raised their prices and at a recommendation of a vet, ordered their dog food online. It turns out that the dog food I got was recalled. I send the dog food back, and get an email saying that they are refunding my credit card, minus shipping. The refund has yet to show up on my credit card. Why is it that companies are quick to take your money but really slow on refunding it when you return something? I'm guessing that it was the weekend and I will give them a couple days and see if it shows up.

Bookstores are hard to come by when you live in a rural area. And rural libraries are not the greatest either. Rural bookstores and libraries are prone to carry whatever is on the bestseller list (aka whatever is really popular at the moment). The only bookstore that is halfway decent is an independant bookstore a half an hour away. I do love indepandant bookstores in small towns. Often, they are in the middle of town, in these small, century buildings. A few days ago, I was attending a free concert and took advantage of being able to walk around the square and remembered the bookstore. When we had a Borders that was 20 minutes away, it wasn't unusual for me to just drop $100 or more on books, this was a treat to me to wander around and actually get a book. I often don't limit myself to how many books or how much I can spend on books but with limited space and selection, I managed to walk out with only one book. And I had forgotten how it's highway robbery with hardcover books.

A couple friends of mine asked me that because they are marginally interested and mostly disgusted by my "perfume habit". If one likes collecting teapots and other little nick knacks and the other loves collecting old postcards, I will collect perfume. I've been asked that if something were to happen, what perfume(s) would I take. At first, I was a little confused because that could be a loaded question. If the house where on fire, if I remembered to grab my purse, it would be whatever decants and/or full bottles that are in there. If I have to move over seas and had to downsized, I'd take Mitsouko, Deneuve, Chanel no. 22 and Amouage Dia. The airline companies limit your liquids to 3 ounces and some of my favorites are 3.4 ounces. If I had to move 50 miles away, I'd probably take as many bottles as I could.

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