Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Those That Don't Get Enough Love

Since I have been reading perfume blogs and reviews it hit me that there are a few perfumes in my collection that really don't get a whole lot of love. It is kind of funny though how we bloggers can keep raving about 3 perfumes from any given house and kind of ignore the rest of that perfume house's offerings.

One of those perfumes is Amouage's Dia for women. Dia is marketed as a lighter version of Amouage's Gold for women. I think Dia should be viewed as a perfume in it's own right. There are many things that make Gold and Dia similar but there is a world of difference between the two. Dia is effervescent especially in the beginning with the aldehydes then dries down to the jasmine/rose soap but still has a butt load of aldehydes. The aldehydes in Gold are more of on the oily side for me and dries down to flowers and civet. Gold and Dia are basically the same perfume and I love both enough to own a full bottle, but Dia really doesn't seem to get a whole lot of attention because it is "Gold Light" or "Diet Gold". I find myself in a lot of situations where Gold would be too much but Dia would fit the bill.

Amouage's Memoir for woman is another one that I think that doesn't get a whole lot of love while Lyric, Jubilation, Ubar, and Epic do get a lot of love. I did swoon over Lyric and do wear it often but I keep going back to Memoir and wonder why I am not wearing it as often as Lyric. It does seem for some odd reason that Lyric does get ignored. Maybe because it is on the sweet, almost gourmand like for a perfume. It could be that Memoir is one of those perfumes that is a modern chypre that not to many seem to be interested in or casual users of perfume don't care to decipher.

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