Saturday, June 1, 2013

Nasomatto Nuda Review

I do have a tendency to love jasmine dominant perfumes. The more indolic, the better. Patou's Joy is a rose/jasmine dominant mix and not a true jasmine dominant.  I really liked A La Nuit and Jasmine Full, I swooned over Sarrasins and now I am really swooning over Nasomatto Nuda.

I've always debated on getting a full bottle of A La Nuit but always either decided against it or it got pushed to the side because something else captured my attention. But after the Perfume Posse's Guide of Jasmine perfumes, I was looking at a couple jasmine scents on Luckyscent. That is when I discovered that Nuda was being discontinued. Even though I never smelled Nuda before, I had gotten a bottle. Nothing like the finding out something is being discontinued to make me either buy or contemplate a stocking up. Even if it wasn't love right away, there would be a chance it could grow on me.

Nuda is very creamy and is a little strange for me. At first, Nuda is a loud jasmine that races off towards being with just plain indolic or very indolic but never crosses the line. I can't help but say, well aren't you going to be indolic or not? Nuda does mellow to where it isn't very loud but still loves to border on that edge of either sensual or just plain slut. I don't know if I like that or not. Either way, I am happy that I did manage to snag a bottle of Nuda before it was discontinued.

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