Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Trashy and Cheap, Versace Signature Review

Rooting through the medium sized box of perfumes that I've somewhat outgrown, I came across Versace Signature, and I was amazed when I spritzed it on me. I was amazed that I spent around $40 for something so trashy smelling. It smelled of cheap fruit and rotting flowers to my nose. Sometimes cheap and trashy in perfume can smell quite good and well made but this is something that smells like someone took a bad air freshener and combined it with fruit. This might smell good to someone who has never smelled anything besides Bath and Body Works or Victoria's Secret. Versace Signature seems to last forever and has an airy quality to it. But I am still wondering on why I bought it in the first place.

Trashy and cheap can be great when well done but not when it smells like this. Can a $200 bottle of perfume smell cheap and or trashy? Yes, but if you have the means to put quality ingredients in perfume by all means, do. Sometimes I wish that perfume companies would take the time to create a perfume and release one perfume every couple years instead of every 6 months.

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