Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Infusion d'Iris? Sexy?

It can always be fun to eavesdrop a little bit when there is a mention of a perfume that is mentioned. I had recently overheard to girls, probably no older than 22 or 23 yapping about how sexy Prada's Infusion d'Iris was. As soon as I was able to get home, I pulled out my full bottle of it and took a big sniff. Then wondered where they got the sexy part. I would call Bal a Versailles sexy or sensual or Mitsouko sexy but not Infusion d'Iris. I find Infusion d'Iris to be more like an ice sculpture. This is something that I mainly wear to work. It's the type of perfume that doesn't really project, and smells pretty. But I wouldn't say that it smells sexy. As much as I like Infusion d'Iris, it just kind of sits on my skin with little or no development. That is keeping me from loving it and wearing it more often.

I believe that these girls had said that Infusion d'Iris is sexy is because we are now in the age of fruity florals, aquatics, Bath and Body Works, and Victoria's Secret offerings and this is probably the most sophisticated scent that they have ever smelled. Thus far this is probably going to be the best thing that they will smell in the next few years, unless they fall in the rabbit hole. Or unless the mainstream perfume lines come out with something phenomenal.

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