Monday, July 22, 2013

All Over the Place

For the past few months, I have found myself wrapped up in all sorts of drama that leaves me not wanting to try anything new and found myself wearing the same few scents on top of it. Or the it's so damned hot out, why would I really want to.

I've sort of made a resolution to finish some of my smaller (3ml or less) decants of perfume to make some kind of room in that makeup bag overflowing with decants. It is somewhat working because I've actually managed to finish 10 small decants but had to throw out 6 because of evaporation issues. That's alright though, the evaporated ones were ones that I didn't care for much or hated. It seems like every time that I finish a couple decants, Surrender to Chance has one of those really good sales of take 15% off your order and it's the here we go again, getting a bigger pile of decants. It's funny how I can make a half hearted resolution and mostly stick to it.

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