Saturday, July 27, 2013

Remember When?

After a few people got sick and tired of finding decants laying around, there was a qstion of "Don't you have enough?" Isn't having 5 perfumes at most enough? Of course this is after my millionth bottle of No.5 says that it is shipped. My response is no. Perfume is a luxury that I chose to indulge in. People who blog about books, wine, cheese or whatever, it's not freakish or scary. But perfume is for some reason. Maybe it is the current recession, people wearing some weak fruity floral garbage.

I  still hold on to the belief that there is a point where there is too much in a collection to chose. Today is grey, wet and the rain is still falling. Amouage Gold and Dia are both crying for some attention. Is is going to be the civet monster Gold or the effervescent Dia? I'm still debating.

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