Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Chanel no 19 Parfum Review

For a very long while, the extract version of 19 has been sitting on my dresser, unopened since the day I got it last year. I normally don't go an buy the parfum version of any perfume unless it is love. What stops me more often than not, is the cost of parfum that scares me. Over a $100 for maybe a quarter ounce? Please, I like a little more bang for my buck, hence why I usually go for an EDP version of any perfume.

Even online, Chanel doesn't seem to offer much in the way of sizes when it comes to the sizes of the parfum versions of it's perfumes. With the exception of no. 5, Coco, the Les Exclusifs line, no. 19, and a couple others, it is the one size fits all.

Often times, I have found myself absolutely hating the EDT version of Chanel no 19. I do love leather and having a strong liking for galbanum but I find no 19 EDT to be way too butch on me to be wearable. Also, it does turn to be like milk gone bad. The EDP version is what I like better because it's rosy without be loaded down in amber or musk.

After deciding to just open the parfum bottle, which is a real pain to do with a tiny bottle, just to get a whiff, I end up spilling a couple drops on my hand. Holy crap, this version of no 19 is stunning, There was the carroty hiss of iris for about 2 minutes then in mostly became no 19 in EDP form. I've never noticed iris in no 19 before but I think that after trying out Silver Iris Mist, I really became aware of iris. When I say that it is mostly like the EDP version, it is. No 19 does have some butchy aspects to it but it is not harsh and overbearing. I'm happy that I do have a tiny bottle even though I don't wear parfum that often, I use parfum for special occasions.


  1. Oddly, I don't love the parfum of No. 19, and I think maybe your review has pointed up why. Two words: "carroty hiss." Yeah.

    Now, I adore the vintage edt, the one with the leather, and I love the edp too, so friendly compared to the other versions. I'd even say that 19 is my favorite iris scent (it's also my favorite vetiver scent, for what that's worth). But I don't love iris the way many other people do, and that's probably why I don't love the parfum.

    If you're offering Chanel parfum, I'll take No. 5, please. :)

  2. I thought I managed to get a pretty good deal on vintage no 5 in parfum version but nope. It smelled like some '80's perfume or maybe the bottle was badly kept. I love most of the parfum versions of the Chanels but the prices have gotten outrageous.

  3. I have a 50s No. 5 parfum that is astoundingly gorgeous. Slightly used 1-oz bottle bought on ebay for...

    ... you sitting down?

    $36. shipped.