Thursday, July 4, 2013

Tablets and Cellphones

I absolutely hate it when that time of year rolls around. The dreaded contract renewal of cellphones. Before I had a family plan, it was an easy process of contract renewal. Now, when there are three people, everyone wants something different. One wants a plan with more minutes, a bigger cell screen or what have you. Since someone else makes those decisions, it still means that I have to do all the research. I can write down what exactly is needed and said person doesn't get it. How hard is it to upgrade or downgrade? I let the one who is in charge of the cellphone plan know that they are on thier own, if they can't figure it out or complain about prices, then the cellphones must go. I find that some people make it harder than need be for something so simple.

Tablets like the iPad can be the worst thing for when I can't sleep. I don't have an iPad but the Samsung tablet and love it. I've never bought into the Apple hype like many people have. I can see cellphone wise if carriers are offering the iPhone for free. A friend of mine has an iPhone and after looking and using it a little bit, I've come to the conclusion that the iPhone sucks. But for the past couple nights, I haven't been able to fall asleep and I've been watching YouTube videos and reading blogs until 3 in the morning. I am thinking of leaving my tablet downstairs so I am less inclined to use it at night.

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