Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hoardin Vintage and Hard to Find

I have found myself hoarding some of my perfumes. Hoarding in the hoarding the 3ml decant of vintage Mitsouko EDT and the 8ml of vintage Chanel no. 22 and not wearing them a whole lot. Don't get me started on my 16 ml of Deneuve extract or the mostly full bottle of the EDT.

The reason of why I really do it is because vintage can be hard to find or out of reach price wise. When I find a bottle that is halfway full or mostly full for a reasonable price, I try and see if my budget allows for it. Thus far, no, but next couple weeks, I should be able to.

Ever since I have joined Ebay, I have found a reliable source for full bottles of Worth Courtesan but none for full bottles of Sarrasins. It kind of bothers me that something may be readily available in Europe but not in the US. I know for a split second Barney's had the bell jars but the prices were horrible. I would love it if the Serge Lutens non export line were available in the US. Say, 5 or 6 would be sold full bottle wise then back to the non export line then it would be the the next 5 or 6. Not everyone has the desire to fly to Europe nor the means. It would take me 6 more years to save up for a trip to Paris. I know there is Surrender to Chance and The Perfumed Court but certain decants cost quite a bit if a perfume is not available in the US.  Discontinued, I understand.

I do hoard my vintage collection most of the time is that there never seems to be a situation or good time to wear these. I'm not wearing vintage anything to work is I've dealt with too many nasty people and bad situations where it has ruined some of my perfume collection. Or it is a family situation that has utterly ruins a perfume for me. It's kind of funny how something like perfume can get ruined by something or someone.

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