Monday, February 20, 2012

Bal a Versailles Vintage EDP Review

It's very rare that I am enthralled enough by a perfume. Enthralled enough to buy another vintage decant and go to Amazon to get a full bottle. On some perfume blogs, BaV has been called skanky or animalistic but I beg to differ. I would call BaV a sensual oriental. Maybe my definition of skanky is a little bit different. L'Air de Rein is one of those skanky perfumes, it's like a pair of unwashed panties that someone wore for 3 days. L'Air de Rein is unwearable to me. Muscs Koublai Khan smells like freshly washed female stuff but forgot to do a load of laundry. BaV is by no means demure, it's smells like someone has been around the block a time or two. When wearing BaV, I can imagine myself at Versailles in the mid 1700's and probably mistress to a very powerful noble or the king himself. BaV is not for the faint of heart or for the folks who like those quiet, clean inoffensive perfumes or for those who like the fruity floral crap.

In the beginning, I get a huge blast of orange blossom that transforms into orange blossom and amber. I find this to be breathtaking because I am very fond of oriental perfumes and BaV is not a crude oriental. And there are a lot of crudely made orientals entering the market now.

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