Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Do I really?

In the past week, I've ordered 3 large decants of perfumes that I already have. My mother was talking to me and watching do it. Her question was, "Don't you already have those?", My response was, "Yes.". Then she proceeded to ask me why I was ordering them again. My response was two of them were vintage and one of them wasn't available in the U.S. I have blogged before about E-bay scares the living daylights out of me so it's The Perfumed Court for me. The Perfumed COurt has introduced me to perfumes that I have not heard of or even thought of trying. Some were winners, some were not, some grew on me. Worth Courtesan is one perfume that I had dismissed as something nice but nothing special. I have mostly had a disdain for fruity perfumes but Courtesan isn't that fruity when I smelled a little closer. I now know why vintage perfumes of classics are more often than not better than the most current version.

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