Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Guerlain Spiriteueuse Double Vanille Review

I have got to stop reading perfume blogs and reviews. It's led to buying and trying way too many perfumes. This is coming after I had counted 25 full bottles of perfumes and 47 decants of perfume of various sizes. But there are some perfumes that I had initially written off as nothing special, I have fallen in love with (Worth Courtesan, Amouage Reflection) and there are some that I had initially loved and now I don't really care for (Amouage Ubar). Tastes do evolve.

Guerlain's Spiriteueuse Double Vanille is one perfume that has gotten many rave reviews on perfume blogs and seems to have a cult following. I was kind of intrigued with this one. After this had arrived in the mail, something did hit me. I have had some difficulty with vanilla dominant perfumes in the past. Most that I have tried turn into those sickly sweet things that make me smell like a cupcake. Or they get this bubblegum type thing (Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille) going on in the dry down.

I have tried this over the past couple days and I am not really that wild over it. SDV is too busy trying to be too many things. But I mainly get the vanilla extract that I use for baking vibe. After about 2 hours SDV peters into a bubblegum vanilla that sticks around for the remainder of the wearing. I was a little dissapointed with the longetivity of this EDP. It only lasts on my skin for about 7 hours at best. Shalimar and Mitsouko, both in EDP form last for a good 12 hours on my skin. It's nice enough but I won't be buying a full bottle.

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