Monday, February 6, 2012

Montale Greyland Review

Thus far, there do not seem to be many reviews on Montale's Greyland EDP. I've been having a difficult time trying to decipher this perfume then attempting to write a somewhat decent review of this perfume. Then it hit me, Greyland is similar to Chanel's Sycomore. Greyland is a woody scent with a little bit of skank to it. But Greyland falls into the masculine camp of perfume, where Sycomore is a little more feminine. Instead of smelling of vetiver and cypress, Greyland smells like a cedar chest that someone tossed a sweaty T-shirt in there and left it in there for a couple weeks. Greyland is a very dry perfume because there is no sweetness to it. I've noticed that I'm not fond of dry perfumes so I didn't enjoy Greyland. My pocket book is sighing with relief because I will not be getting a bottle.

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