Thursday, May 10, 2012


When I found out that the ladies at the Perfumed Court were parting ways, I was left wondering about trying new perfumes. I'm past that stage where I would read the notes online and if it sounds good, I would buy it. That led to a few $150 or more purchases that were not that good. I'll admit that about a year after I fell down the rabbit hole, I had heard about The Perfumed Court, I was a little wary. It took me a year or two before I mustered the courage to put in an order. One was a small decant of something I had already had a sample of (Amouage Lyric) and Sarrasins. Then I knew that The Perfumed Court was the real deal. But The Perfumed Court was usually on the pricey side in my opinion. Usually it was the cost of shipping that was sometimes more than the decant itself. Since the breakup, the price of shipping has gone down from $5.95 to $2.95. I'm guessing that there is only one person who is doing the shipping on The Perfumed Court, there is no need to have the shipping that high. After placing a few orders with Surrender to Chance and poking around there in general, Surrender to Chance does not offer the 1.5ml spray. I had ordered a few sampler sets and they did come in 1.5ml non-spray vials. I did not realize that until the galbanum sampler set arrived and I did look at the orders that I placed. Dabber samples are not really my style because I don't think that I can judge any perfume fairly. But it does give me somewhat of an idea of what something smells like. Sometimes, especially when I'm not paying attention, dabber vial will compel me to get a spray decant. But at the rate I've been going, I've been buying less and been trying to be content with what I already have.
Surrender to Chance and The Perfumed Court are similar in price. Sometimes, Surrender to Chance is cheaper in decants and other times, The Perfumed Court is cheaper. But I think at this point, I have not been in any kind of mood to really go and buy decants or full bottles. Even though I have been buying sampler decants this past week, it's only been 3 or 4 small decants. And I'm the one who was used to spending $200 or more worth of decants per month and normally they were large decants. It doesn't mean that I've lost interest in perfume, a larger cell phone bill, a Rammstein concert, Mother's Day, and my mother's birthday coming up made me realize that I don't really need to be getting as much.

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