Monday, May 14, 2012

Guerlain Nahema EDP Review

I've been off and on dabbling in Guerlain perfumes. I've smelled and worn Mitsouko, didn't care for it overly, loved Shalimar, and Spiriteueuse Double Vanille was somewhat of a disaster. Now I must admit to defeat with Guerlain's Nahema EDP. I was starting to go through a little hyacinth kick and wanted to see if I could find a second Guerlain that I could love. I ordered a 2.5ml decant of this and when I got it, I immediately sprayed it on. The first wearing of it, I smelled nothing but jam. In the 4 wearings afterwards, I still got jam but the rose came out to play. The rose was a little strange that I couldn't place and then it hit me. The rose smelled like a rose bouquet and the roses were bruised, giving off a jam like vibe. I smell just bruised roses and jam and nothing else. It's one of those perfumes that doesn't seem to have any kind of anchor on my skin. Staying power is halfway decent but it gets annoying after a while. The reason that I am admitting defeat with Guerlain is that it is a perfume house that doesn't mesh well with me even though Shalimar does. Maybe I just don't really get Guerlain but I don't really find Guerlain to be agreeable to me.

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