Thursday, May 17, 2012

I must have Chanel on the brain

It seems like for the past week, I have thought and worn nothing but Chanel perfumes. I think what triggered it was finding out that no. 19 in EDP form is out of stock on the Chanel website (if you live in the US, it is on back order). Come to find out that no.19 is being sold in parfum form and from what I hear, it is faboo. Even though it's only a quarter of an ounce and $105 USD, I'm going to look forward to having this land on my doorstep every 90 days. I failed to stock up on no.19 in EDP form, I'll load up on the parfum. At this point, I can't justify getting more no. 5. I already own a full bottle of no, 5 in EDP form, Sensual Elixir, and Eau Premiere.

On top of escaping the Chanel website with just the no.19 parfum, my mother informs me that she wants a Kindle for her birthday. Let's just say that I am not thrilled with that idea. I can't help but groan at the fact that it will be another gizmo that will be beyond her that I will end up messing with because she can't be bothered to learn how to work the thing or won't use it. For Christmas a couple of years ago, she wanted an iPod like the world was going to end. I buy her one and it just sits and she never uses it, let alone taken it out of the box. My dad jumped on the idea of getting her a Kindle so it looks like I have to get over to Amazon to get one and get two day shipping so it comes in time for her birthday. We shall see how this goes.

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