Monday, May 21, 2012

Dior Granville Review

I've been meaning to try and review this and don't know what was stopping me from doing this. I think that I got sidetracked with other perfumes. I haven't had any kind of experience wearing Dior perfumes nor any that are pine dominant. At the time, I was going through a phase were I was getting perfumes that are not available in the United States or the ones that you would have to travel half way across the US to get it. By reading the description on The Perfumed Court, I was intrigued and bought a 2.5ml decant of this. By reading review, I was even more intrigued. Pine needles, thyme, and rosemary is what comes to mind for masculine perfumes and not something you would think would be in something that is marketed to women. Upon first application, all I get is something akin to rubber and pine needles. I find it to be interesting even though I don't exactly like how huge the rubber note is. The rubber note fades somewhat but stays all throughout the wearing. After the larger than life rubber note calms down, the pine needles get a chance to shine. After a while, the rosemary and thyme come out to support the pine but they don't take over. The base notes of woods, and I'm guessing it is either velvetier or sandalwood that are the base that really come out but don't overtake the pine. No matter where I look, I cannot find out if this is an EDT or an EDP. If this is an EDP, the staying power is weak. If it is an EDT, the staying power is decent on my skin because I get about 5 or 6 hours of wear time on my skin. I do find this to be likable but I don't want this bad enough to drag myself halfway across the nation or the world to procure a bottle of this. One reason is the size of the bottles they are kind of like the Chanel Les Exlusifs line before they gave the option of either a 2.5 oz or 6.8 oz bottle. Another reason is that Granville gives off the vibe of Chanel's Sycomore which I already have the 6.8 monster bottle.

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