Monday, November 5, 2012

Amouage Interlude Woman Review

Today, even though my scent of the day is Rochas Femme, today's review is Amouage Interlude for women. When I did find out that Amouage was releasing a new perfume, I was excited and ambivalent because it seemed like only last year that Amouage released Honour and had just recently had a limited release of Beloved. As soon as Surrender to Chance had Interlude, I ordered a 2ml spray decant of it.

Even though the bottle is gorgeous (sapphire blue), I'm lukewarm on this. I'm lukewarm because this smells a lot like something from the Serge Lutens line and not too many of Serge Lutens work for me. Heavy on fruit and incense. But Interlude is a little different, though. This is a very dry perfume, I mean really dry. The fruit reminds me of Harry and David's dried fruits (which are good) but the incense reminds me of Jubilation 25 (which I don't really care for). Interlude also reminds me of Bal A Versailles in vintage form with a metallic dry down. The fruit and incense oscillate between being fruity for about 45 minutes and then it is incense for about an hour but when note is dominant, the other is somewhat in the background. Lasting power and sillage is what I have come to expect from Amouage but this offering is not for me.

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