Thursday, November 22, 2012

Guerlain Jicky EDT Review

I believe that I am starting to really 'get' a few of the Guerlain classics. It's finally love with Mitsouko, Shalimar is one of my comfort scents and now Jicky is my most recent. When I had first tried Jicky (EDP form), I got the impression of floor wax but the more I wore Jicky, my opinion did change. I think after trying different perfumes and understanding perfume notes changed my opinion.

Since I am somewhat of a glutton for punishment, I ordered a large decant of Jicky in EDT form (it was cheap!) and wanted to see what the difference was between the EDP version and the EDT version. The EDT version's citrus is much brighter and kind of sharp. The citrus does hang on to the front and center for quite a while. Then the lavender comes into play but it seems to be a little fainter than in the EDP. What I do love about Jicky is the dry down. The civet comes out and plays with the lavender. The civet renders the lavender as not your regular aromatherapy type of lavender. After getting no staying power the the EDT version of Mitsouko, Jicky lasted 3 hours on my skin. I wouldn't get a bottle of Jicky in EDT form due to the lasting power but I might have to because it is almost impossible to find Jicky in EDP form without paying an arm and a leg.

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