Sunday, November 18, 2012

This is Hilarious!

I've been a little panicky with Chanel no. 5. Ever since I read on 1000 Fragrances and Perfume Shrine (both perfume blogs) that there is might be an end to Chanel no. 5 as we know it or Chanel no. 5 might be discontinued. Even though I have a 1.7 oz EDP, the Sensual Elixer, and Eau Premier, I ordered a back up bottle just in case. I hope that this whole allergen and needing to protect a small percentage of the population blows over. I think it's the whole minority is overruling the majority. What is hilarious is that I spent $75 on a 1.2 ounce bottle on Chanel no.5 and I was not amused. It was the whole, "Seventy-four dollars on a small bottle of perfume? That's crazy!" mentality that I had adopted since I have started ordering decants. I've gotten used to spending $50 for around 5 or 6 decants. It's been that long since I had bought a full bottle of perfume.

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