Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sick and Bookish

Being a perfume fanatic and having a head cold do not mix well. Not being able to smell or taste much of anything since Wednesday is a real drag, so my Guerlain Jicky EDT was done with lots of nose blowing and memory. I was hoping to test one perfume and review that along with Jicky.

Every time that I do get sick, I get pretty bookish. Before I fell down the rabbit hole of perfume, I was an avid book collector. I wasn't collecting these really rare or very old books, but every time I was at Borders, I was easily spending $125 on new books. Now since Borders has closed, I don't have bookstore near me. And I find that sad that there are not that many bookstores around to just hang around in. I've managed to order 4 new books for a really decent price.

What is pretty sad is that there are very few brick and mortor bookstores. Barnes and Noble is probably the only national chain left. I've never been much of a Barnes and Noble fan. Prices at Barnes and Noble have always seemed to be on the steep side. It's paper and glue and they mark the price up $3 or $4 more than the listing price. With Borders, you didn't have the sky high pricing of Barnes and Noble. With Barnes and Noble, I've never had seen the selection like I would at Borders. Yes, 9 times out of 10, Borders not only had better pricing but a better selection of books.

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