Saturday, February 26, 2011

Everywhere I look

Just about everywhere I look, I seem grown women and teenagers with layer upon layer of makeup and glitter. I don't wear a lot of makeup myself and it makes me raise an eyebrow. I normally just wear mascara and lip gloss or lip stick depending on which I grab first thing in the morning. I only wear makeup to work and really nowhere else. Putting on those things take a couple minutes at most. If I am feeling ambitious, I will smudge on a little bit of eyeshadow but that's it. I don't bother with concealer or foundation unless I have a huge pimple. I view it as I am not here to impress anyone with my looks. To me, wearing mascara and lip gloss makes the statement of that I do give a crap on how I look but I am not going to spend a half an hour or more piling on more makeup. My main statement is perfume. But perfume does not replace regular bathing as some would like to think so. But I never understood why so many decide to wear tons of makeup and for what reason? Why have eyeshadow in every conceivable color?

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