Monday, February 28, 2011

Vera Wang for her

Today's review is Vera Wang for her. This is one of the few truly floral perfumes that I like. It's bordering on love. What attracted me initially to the perfume was the cala lilly and gardenia. I can't make out either note nor the rose that is listed. I find it to be a well blended perfume ment to be worn during spring. I think it is a heavy floral too heavy to be worn during summer especially when it is 90 degrees out. The reason why I recommend spring is because that time of year where it is warming up but still cool. Would I buy this again when my bottle runs out? Probably not but I wouldn't mind it if someone gave this to me as a gift. I must admit that while it smells good on me, it smells better on my mother. Now she is asking for her own bottle for Mother's Day or her birthday.

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