Sunday, February 13, 2011

I believe I have become jaded

I really do believe that I have become jaded with my perfume choices. I have become the type that is not keen on mainstream perfumes. What I consider mainstream is Chanel, Calvin Klein or anything that you can easily get in department stores. Most perfumes in department stores are starting to smell alike and I am having a hard time wearing any of them. Maybe it is because I am 28 and there are not too many perfumes that are geared for people in thier late 20's and early 30's. I am not of a certian demographic to teens and early 20's were there is a market for fruity florals or mid 30's and up where there way too strong or isn't quite my style.The new perfumes now just seem to be made from the same cookie cutter. It may have been that way for many years but since I have really started to pay attention to perfume, they all seem to smell alike. Nothing in the mainstream that is new is grabbing my attention to ask. There are some popular perfumes in my perfume collection stable. Some of them I am not fond of, some I love to no end. Chanel no 19 is one example. I cannot cuss Chanel out for issueing out no 19 in perfume form this past winter because it is divine. I have mentioned before, I don't go for eau de toilette versions because they fade so fast on my skin and they have the tendancy to smell like a chemically treated pile of mulch that stinks like it is about to go out of fashion. I hope Chanel decides to make the eau de parfum version a permanant thing and not make it so it may come out once a year or every couple years. Vera Wang's Sheer Veil is another one that I love that is a mainstream. It doesn't evolve into a fruity mess or any kind of mess on my skin.

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