Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day and random perfume stuff

It may be Valentine's Day here but I'm not interested in that. It maybe a another holiday of more often than not, tacky or bad gifts, candy, and fancy meals. Somebody asked me on how do I pick out a perfume I am going to wear on any particular day. I tell them flat out that I wear perfume to please me. I don't wear it to please anyone else. I take into account on what season it is. I don't want to be suffocating under Calvin Klien's Obsession in the middle of July when it is 90 degrees out and the humidity is unreal, so I am going to pick something a little lighter. Most of it depends on my mood and what I do have a taste for. A lot of the time I have it narrowed to 3 or 4 perfumes. I'm not interested in what the people around me think of my perume choices. I am wearing this for me. I'm tired of the Coco Mademoiselle and anything that is popular at the moment ad nauseam. I firmly believe that perfume should not be used to disguise bad body odor and poor bathing habits. We live in the 21st century and many of us have access to running water and the ability to bathe. I went to school with a person who had bad bathing habits and would cover it up with cologne. He was told by teachers and students alike that baths were needed. He was in two of my classes and every single time my asthma would act up. I mentioned it to his teacher's aid that his bad BO was the cause of my asthma acting up. Her response was that he had a disability and I had to deal with it. My retort was he has full use of his 2 arms and legs and knows how to bathe and I was not going to buy that excuse. He knows he stinks and is using the disability ticket to break social norms by not bathing. I also made the comment of I was not willing to earn a stay in the hospital due to such stupidity from both thier parts. I'm happy to say that my asthma is very well controlled. I can't find any good excuse for bad BO or refusing to have good hygiene and then trying to cover that up. Perfume and cologne in this day and age are not ment to be used like that.

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