Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kenzo Indigo Perfume review

Kenzo Indigo was an unsniffed impulse perchase from a year ago and I have gotten around to wearing it. Needless to say after a couple days wear, I am unimpressed. The reason being is that it smells like a generic drugstore perfume. It doesn't develop into anything on my skin. Indigo just sits on my skin and does nothing. That is something that I don't like in a perfume, when it's linear and justs sits. Maybe I have gotten jaded in the past two and half years due to reading perfume blogs. Maybe my tastes have changed I have gotten more selective with my choices. The bottle itself is pretty interesting but I am not willing to buy the men's version just because it completes the look that Kenzo was going for bottle wise.

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  1. Based on some review the perfume staying power is awful too.

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