Monday, February 7, 2011

Online shopping Part 1

I love online shopping, I really do. I can shop day or night, I don't have to bother with making myself look presentable, I don't have to get into my car and drive anywhere. But I have to admit, the online shopping scene has really changed. And not really for the better. A little bit before the recession here in America, I did notice some changes. I've mainly shopped at for many years and prices went up a little bit but didn't give it much thought. What Amazon was doing was doing some kind of quiz thing and for every question you got right, you got a nickle off and it did add up especially if you stock piled the rewards. I can't remember exactly how it went but they have not done it in many years. Fast forward about 2 or 3 years, prices have gone up with Amazon quite a bit. Especially in the past year. Or course the prices of many things have gone up but this is getting out of hand. I've picked Amazon because it used to be my go to shopping website and probably one of the most recognizeable. I think it is because Amazon has gotten so huge as a company and the market has changed. On Amazon, I didn't see as many products that are being sold by other companies through Amazon. One of the things that I have really liked with Amazon was free shipping for orders over $25 if it is sold by Amazon. The Prime membership that they have has become a real hassle and I decided to drop it. My reasoning is why pay $75 a year when most of the stuff is sold by other companies are charging shipping and I can't get the free 2 day shipping that I'm paying $75 a year for? The sales and deals with Amazon are getting worse and worse. Why are they recommending that I buy something that I am not going to use? And they know I won't. What am I going to do with another set of soup bowls? I have 15 one of my kitchen cabinets. I am also finding less selection on Amazon than previous years. I used to find just about everything now, I do have totry and find it elsewhere. Part 2 will be posted a little later.

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