Thursday, June 16, 2011

Amouage Ubar Review

There is nothing crass nor crude about Amouage perfumes that I have smelled thus far. The only Amouage that I have tried that I didn't enjoy was Reflection for women.

Amouage Ubar is a loud floral. It doesn't scream cheap and badly made but there are many badly made expensive perumes. Ubar is a well built perfume and if one is not looking, it will wear you, like many Amouages. When I initially applied Ubar, I got a bug spray smell. The bug spray element threw me a little bit and I hoped that it wouldn't be another Coco Madamoiselle. Coco Mademoiselle is straight up bug spray from top to bottom for me. When the bug spray element passed, for the most part, I got a very rich floral that was a little on the dirty side. Ubar is not you typical floral/oriental. It's not quiet, it's not so clean as many florals seem to be. In the dry down, I get a little bit of an animalistic touch but not a whole lot. I do find it to be bottle worthy and until I have enough pennies saved up, I will be hoarding my decant.

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