Monday, June 27, 2011

Worth Courtesan

I stumbled upon Worth's Courtesan on the Perfumed Court looking for skanky perfumes. Courtesan is supposed to be a skanky perfume but I am not getting any kind of skank. Initially, I was wary of getting a sample because a lot of notes listed are fruit notes. After wearing Courtesan for a few hours, I get flowers with a hint of fruit. Courtesan is a sweet, skin scent with a weak note of seduction. It's nice and likable but it is a perfume in transition. Courtesan seems to be trying to go from being a fruity floral mess to something very seductive, a real woman's perfume. The Perfumed Court is the only place I can find Courtesan without going on Ebay. Ebay just scares me and that would be another post. Staying power is good and sillage is minimal. I probably won't get another 1.5 ml or any decant once I finish this one. It's pleasant but it doesn't move me in any way to the point of where I have to get another decant or take the plunge into Ebay.

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