Thursday, June 30, 2011

Chanel no. 22 EDT Review

I ordered a fairly large 15 ml decant of Chanel no. 22 EDT from the Les Exclusifs line. I read up on the notes and reviews and thought that no. 22 would be something I would like. I was wrong, I don't like it. Much of no. 22 is a characteristic Chanel but it is very green smelling. It's the type of green that churns my stomach and a headache sets in. Then the powdery dry down sets in and put no. 22 in the migraine category. No. 22 smells like it is unfinished in many ways. The green element is screechy and seemingly crude. This is the first Chanel that I have disliked right off the bat since I have become a perfume fanatic.

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