Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Guerlain Jicky Perfume Review

For the first time, I have tried Guerlain Jicky. When I was wearing Jicky, I kept wondering if I have put on Guerlain's Shalimar by mistake. Jicky ans Shalimar both open with a blast of citrus but Jicky seems to keep a heavy citrus element the whole way through. There is something not quite civilized in Jicky, I wouldn't go and call it animalistic but a perfume that is not so refined in manners. I find Jicky to be more of on the unisex end of feminine. Could a guy wear this? Yes, but I find Jicky not quite me for some reason. I do not mind the big citrus note in Jicky, but I do get a big shaving cream note that kind of turns me off. I will probably keep my decant of Jicky just for reference purposes and won't end up wearing it too often.

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